The history of the brand Tentazioni is above all a family history, which has its roots in a distant past.
For decades it has dealt with clothing and style, and is now in its third generation.
Making clothes is what the Tentazioni team loves to do. It is part of their genetic makeup, and their passion renews their will to improve. In a daily context, this means that every situation is a starting point to create something, an opportunity to please, a moment where spirit of research fuels the thirst to transmit important values ​​through their work.
In doing so, the Tentazioni fashion house creates value by exalting its purpose.
They feel great happiness when their creations contribute, in everyday life, to celebrating whoever is wearing them.
It has always been like that.
These values ​​have been passed on from generation to generation.

The philosophy of the Tentazioni brand:
Working with image is serious.
Clothes should not mask but reveal the personality of the wearer, creating charisma and mystery.
A look that is true to us can ensure we are recognised and remembered, and gives us credibility.

The creative soul of the brand: Cinzia Diddi.

Cinzia looks after the image of many important personalities, such as industrial managers, prestigious lawyers and personalities from the entertainment world.
In the 80s, she was a child and enjoyed playing in the tailoring department of her father's company.
Everything began at that atelier. Her attitude, perception of colour, intuition, sense of proportion and theoretical training ... did the rest.
During her work experience and thanks to her father, an important middle-class man, Cinzia remained in close contact with the upper class, refining her strong sense of taste and style, that she undoubtedly inherited from her mother.
The stylistic part is an aspect of a broader context.
Cinzia is an image consultant, a professional figure who provides a service dedicated to improving one's appearance through the way they dress, move and present themselves. She deals with everything related to non-verbal communication: clothing, make-up, hairstyle and etiquette, and the balance of these aspects.
The added value? Cinzia creates the clothes personally.
Image is serious: working on image does not mean covering up but unveiling people.
To put it in mathematical terms, having a passion for fashion is a necessary but it is not enough.
Of course, there must be a natural inclination towards certain themes, but as for every profession, on the job learning is essential, the only true type of training.